The Front Door Dilemma

When we bought our home in 1999, it was already a decade out of date, boasting 80s décor throughout. Every room was a different shade of pink, from palest blush through bubble gum. Plush dusty rose carpet covered all of the floors and the pink flowered wallpaper in the entry and under the chair rail in the hall was a perfect match to the pink flowered drapery in the family room. But worst of all were the garage and front door: both a shocking shade of fuchsia.

Over the next few years the wallpaper came down, the carpet was replaced with hardwood and we gradually de-pinked every room in the house with gallons and gallons of paint. But the one thing we had vowed to take care of the minute we moved in–covering up the ghastly colour on our home’s exterior–just didn’t happen. It became a running joke, as well as our address: “Don’t worry about remembering our house number,” we’d tell visitors. “Just look for the fuchsia. You can’t miss it.”

When we finally decided to put some time and money into our home’s curb appeal a decade later, we were thrilled with the results. The gorgeous grey interlock driveway, pathway and front porch tied in beautifully with our light grey siding. And the coordinating deep charcoal paint we finally chose for the garage door and front door finished off the classy and classic look we’d always wanted.

Not everyone was as thrilled as we were, though. My directionally challenged friend had to program our actual address into her GPS now that she didn’t have her colour-coded landmark. And my dad, on more than one occasion when he has visited from out of town, has driven right on past.

But we seem to be at a colour crossroads yet again.

Two years ago the motor on the garage door died. We’ve gotten by until now by opening and closing it manually, but last week one of the panels came off the rails and there’s no forcing the twisted metal beast back into place. So a brand new garage door in a timeless glossy black is soon to be installed.

The question now is what to do with the front door?

The grey has got to go, not only because it just won’t match the new garage door, but also because the nasty fuchsia is showing around the new handle and deadbolt we recently installed.

We could go with a glossy black to match the garage. That would be the safe, conservative way to go.

But something in me is calling for colour. Contrast. Personality. Like a candy apple red. Or a jade garden teal. Something that says, “This is us. Welcome.”

Here’s my dilemma: I’m sure the previous owners, when they selected their fuchsia failure, were going for the same thing. And I don’t want my front door to become just another drive-by joke.

So do we play it safe? Or bring it on?

(And just out of curiosity, what colour is your front door?)





3 thoughts on “The Front Door Dilemma

  1. Hi Jen

    Paint it RED. Remember on ours on Tweed stood out against the grey brick. I wish we could do that here. I have seen some with dark turquoise too. Hope you are having fun and I will getting your dad tonight unless you want him to stay for another week. I tried to text Vivi on her birthday but it didn’t go through to Quebec.Hope she had a good one. Love Phyl

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  2. Ugh, I have such front door angst right now. I hate our front door – everything about it from the way it won’t close to the way it won’t open to the way the door knob jams to the way the light comes in. GAH. Ours was originally a purple colour and I quite liked it, but my husband hated it, so we repainted it. We have orangy brick and went with an orangy brown and now *I* hate it. You can’t win, can you?

    I think red is quite timeless and classic, actually, but other than red I’d just go with the black. You’ll never get tired of it and it will always look great. When it comes to house stuff, I’m all about whatever is going to cause me the least maintenance work in the future – so simple glossy black sounds like it’ll let you forget about it for the next 20 years.

    (That said – would love to see pics if you go with something other than black!).


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