Happy National Coffee Day!

My Facebook newsfeed greeted me this morning with a suggested post from Starbucks wishing me a Happy National Coffee Day.

The first thing that crossed my mind (after “Mmmm! Coffee!) was, “As a coffee aficionado addict, how did I miss the memo?” Then I realized that suggested posts in my Facebook newsfeed kind of are the modern memo. Which got me to thinking that I haven’t really heard the expression “I didn’t get the memo” much in recent years. Which made me wonder if anyone under 30 even knows what a memo is. Which made me realize that more and more I hear my kids saying things like, “Did you see the post/watch the video/read the tweet” which, for all intents and purposes gets the message across, except that they mean it quite literally, whereas “Didn’t you get the memo?” is the perfect way to figuratively point out someone’s cluelessness in a way that I don’t think could ever adequately be replaced by “Didn’t you see the post/watch the video/read the tweet.” By which point all I could think was, “Man, I need a coffee!”

In any case, had I been on the ball, I would have saved my post about turning my living room into a Starbucks for today. But I didn’t, so feel free to check it out if you missed it.

You can also read about my love affair with coffee here.

Happy National Coffee Day!




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