When the cat’s away…

A few years ago, when we were still MeWomanYouMan and MeManYouWoman, Luc and I wrote about business trips.

Guess what? He’s gone again.

Not that I’m bitter. Over the ensuing years, I’ve come to accept his relatively infrequent (yet still somewhat envy-inducing) work-related jaunts across the continent and beyond. I even got to accompany him to Las Vegas last year for a whirlwind 48 hours, when a conference he had to attend coincided perfectly with our 20th (also known as the “How the Heck is that Possible?!”) wedding anniversary.

In fact, I’ve realized that there are actually some perks to his being away.

  • Clean sheets. I’ve always enjoyed crawling into a freshly made bed, but until a friend of mine confided that on sheet-washing day she will actually bump up her bedtime by hours if necessary just to get in there before anyone else (i.e. her husband) has time to mess them up, I didn’t truly appreciate the luxury freshly laundered, tightly tucked bedding can afford. Luc hadn’t even started packing his suitcase yesterday morning and I was already stripping the sheets off the bed in anticipation of washing, drying and remaking them into a cozy little flannel cocoon just for me.
  • Uninterrupted sleep. Much as I get a little freaked out anytime I have to sleep alone with just me and the kids in the house, once I fall asleep (after checking and rechecking that the vehicles are both locked, the garage door is down, all entry points to the house are barred, the oven and burners are indeed off AND cooled down, and the handle to the gas BBQ on the back porch is in its full and upright position–even if the last time we BBQ’d was months ago) I sleep like the dead. I do love a kiss goodnight and a warm body to snuggle with but, admittedly, Luc and I have mutually irritating sleep habits that don’t always make for a good night’s sleep (he snores, I snort; I fidget, he twitches; he fluffs his pillow against my head, I hog the covers; I check Facebook after the lights go out, he checks BBC News before the sun comes up…). But when it’s just little ol’ me, I can snort, fidget, hog and FB to my heart’s content knowing that I’m not bugging him and he’s not going to be waking me.
  • Breakfast for dinner. When the four of us are here, I try my best to plan out healthy meals for most of the week. But when we’re down to three, my different-lean-protein-every-night/vibrant-veggies-and-whole-grain-carbs-on-the-side approach goes out the window. The kids want toast with peanut butter for dinner? Sure! Maybe some scrambled eggs? Why not! Cheerios? You bet! Luc would never eat breakfast for dinner, so as much fun as it is for the kids, it’s also a happy break for me…and Luc is none the wiser.
  • Decorating freedom. For some reason, decorating inspiration always comes to me when Luc is away. He’s come home to everything from rearranged knick-knacks on the mantel to new throw pillows to a completely repainted main level (needless to say that one occurred during one of his lengthier business trips). Part of the fun for me is waiting to see if he even notices–once, a new painting hung in the front hallway for weeks after his return before he asked, “Did you do something different in here?”  (And yes, I’m sure there’s a small element of “better to ask for forgiveness than permission” in there too.)

So this time around, while the cat’s away, this mouse is going to get a great night’s sleep in fresh, clean sheets after a delicious pancake dinner…and maybe tackle the powder room in the morning! 😉





2 thoughts on “When the cat’s away…

  1. This is so true – my husband goes away rarely, and I miss him when he’s gone, but there are a few little indulgences that are nice to have for a day or two, at least. I especially love casual dinners – even on regular nights when, for some reason, my husband won’t be home for dinner, we’re likely to be having sandwiches or cereal. Woot!

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